Thrive Justice School is a global, faith-based training for those who want to fight social injustice.


Throughout Thrive Justice School, you will receive training from expert educators and leaders in the field of anti-trafficking. Hand selected each year, these chosen speakers will challenge and inspire you to grow closer to God's heart of justice, as well as, give you valuable information in the fight against human-trafficking.

You will have the priviledge to work alongside our Thrive Rescue staff as you see what restoration looks like in our rescue homes. From partnering with individual children to enjoying special events with them, you will get the chance to connect with the youngest people whose lives are forever changed by anti-trafficking work.

At Thrive Justice School, you will get a first-hand look at what ministry is like on the front-lines in Thailand and Mexico. From creating relationships with families in the slums to connecting with girls in the Red Light District, you will witness God's work with some of the most vulnerable populations affected by the atrocities of human and sex trafficking.


Upon GRADUATION, you will be equipped to pursue your unique fight for justice by using your new set of skills and knowledge with social justice MINISTRIES and programs in the future!